Andy Ashenhurst captures the delights of Canterbury

Canterbury is full of picturesque scenes that exude history and beauty, and it often catches the eyes of photographers and passers-by.This beauty however, is also never lost on the residents of Canterbury who are lucky enough to live within the Cathedral City, like Andy Ashenhurst.

Andy Ashenhurst is a local Canterbury resident who has a long and strong connection to the city, moving down from London in 1998 to work as manager of Catching Lives.

From here he qualified as a lecturer (PGCHE) and taught Anthropology and Psychology at the University of Kent for 14 years before retiring, with BSc degrees in Psychology and Social Anthropology and a Masters in Medical Anthropology.

Andy Ashenhurst has recently been delighting people far and wide with his captures of the local area, and we caught up with the prolific photographer to find out a little bit more.

Speaking to us, Andy explained: “I’ve been taking photos for years. Some of my early ones were at the first Glastonbury Festival. I’ve done mountaineering too, including Mt Blanc and Mt Kilimanjaro.

“I take journalistic type pics, l don’t have the patience for perfect shots. You need to be observant, look for new angles, have your camera ready, and make your pictures part of a story.”


You can see some of Andy Ashenhurst’s pictorial storytelling above, and more by joining the Canterbury Community Group on Facebook.

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