Amy’s Pet Supplies Ltd collects for Braintree pet food bank

Amy’s Pet Supplies recently put out a request for donations to support Boomerang’s Pet Food Bank and has been flooded with support from the local community.


Based at CHF Gym, Unit 5 Benfield Way, CM7 3YS, Amy’s Pet Supplies wanted to aid Boomerang’s Pet Food Bank, which is a registered charity based in Haverhill, but also covers parts of Suffolk, Essex, Cambs & Herts.

Boomerang’s Pet Food Bank have a central storage unit but help is then distributed across a network of Pet Stores. People requiring help can register directly with Boomerang’s and they are then supplied with pet food as required.

For people wishing to help or donate – Amy’s Pet Supplies Shop is the Pet food donation & collection point for Braintree. The charity is also run by volunteers and are always looking for more help on a regular basis. For one off or regular financial donations they can be done through the Boomerangs website or Amy’s Pet Supplies have a collection tin in store.

The charity was created by a fabulous lady Tanya Rudkin – the mission statement to the right is from their website.


Boomerang’s Pet Food Bank – MISSION

Due to the cost of living crisis some pet owners are having to choose between feeding themselves or their pets – this should not happen, ever. If an owner goes without food to provide for their pet that has obvious repercussions as does the sharing of human food between owner and pet – neither get what they need.

This struggle means that pets are being surrendered to rescues that are already under enormous pressure. This leaves the owner with immense guilt believing they’ve let their pet down. Our pets are more than animals, they are family and should remain in the place that they are loved.

We want to help anyone who is unable to meet the feeding need of their dog, cat or small animal. We’re here to support your four legged loved ones, there’s no shame in wanting to do right by your fur family.

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