Albino Grey Squirrel spotted in Bearsted

It was a white Christmas in Bearsted for at least one reason: an Albino Grey Squirrel was spotted!


Bearsted is home to an abundance of wildlife hanging out in the beautiful woodlands and village we are lucky enough to call home. One resident has become quite famous, and everyone seems to be going ‘nuts’ for the recent snaps of our local celebrity. Local photographer James J D Doherty managed to capture some stunning snaps of the Albino Grey Squirrel spotted around the Mallards Park and River Len footpath area of Bearsted.


Thankfully, the Albino Grey Squirrel is rather secretive and only allows themselves to be seen by the kind hearted and those who they know won’t disturb their habitat.


Of course the fluffy-tailed resident doesn’t pick and choose who sees them, we just don’t want people disturbing him by going searching. So, if you were wondering if our red-eyed resident is well and thriving, we can put your minds to rest.


Check out some of the incredible pictures taken by James J D Doherty above, and find more of his snaps on Instagram @jd_lifethrumylens.

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