A Call to Action for Dumpton Park Drive

Local residents have been tirelessly campaigning for the past few years to enhance road safety on Dumpton Park Drive.


Tragically, their efforts stem from the death of a woman cyclist in a collision at the junction with Montefiore Avenue, a devastating incident that shook the community to its core.

While Kent Highways has taken initial steps by installing yellow lines on junction corners, including at Montefiore, residents assert that more must be done. Despite these measures, many motorists continue to exceed speed limits, and instances of inconsiderate parking further compound the safety challenges, making pedestrian crossings and junction manoeuvres hazardous.

The Make Our Road Safe! Dumpton Park Drive Safer Roads Action Group, comprised of concerned locals, has been at the forefront of this advocacy effort. Their aim is clear: to urge Kent County Council (KCC) to implement measures to control traffic speed and enhance safety along Dumpton Park Drive and associated roads, following not only the recent fatality but also numerous accidents and near misses.

Among the proposed solutions are extending the yellow lines, installing traffic islands and pelican crossings, introducing a 20mph zone, or even creating a mini-roundabout. These measures are vital to ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians alike.

One individual who has been profoundly affected by the dangers of Dumpton Park Drive is Keena Entwistle. Her son, Ethan Entwistle, tragically lost his life on October 1st on Dumpton Park Drive, just two days shy of his 19th birthday. Ethan’s passing, the result of a collision on the road, has left an irreparable void in Keena’s life.

Ethan was described as a gentle giant with an infectious laugh, always ready to go above and beyond for his loved ones. His untimely death has spurred Keena to join the Dumpton Park Drive Road Safety Group, where she tirelessly campaigns for speed calming measures on the road. Through her grief, Keena has found the strength to advocate for change, driven by the belief that Ethan’s legacy should be one of preventing further tragedies.

In Keena’s own words, “This is not just about Ethan anymore; it’s about every child, every family who could be next. I do not want anyone else to ever experience this heartbreak that has now befallen my family. If Ethan’s death can help prevent anyone else from suffering, then we as a family will know he has left a lasting legacy.”

You too can be part of this crucial movement for change. Sign Keena’s petition to urge KCC to implement effective speed calming measures on Dumpton Park Drive. Together, let’s honour Ethan’s memory and ensure the safety of our community’s roads.

To get involved and sign the petition, visit www.change.org/p/implement-speed-calming-measures-on-dumpton-park-drive

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