A bright new Thanet Youth Theatre

Did you know that theatre company Looping the Loop was named for Thanet’s wonderful Loop bus?


The idea is that wherever we may put on a show, or have our street theatre actors creating mayhem and fun, people can travel to where the show is taking place, exploring Thanet. You may have caught the Dog Agility Team with their plastic bottle dog puppets at WWX or in a park local to you!

The company spent the start of this year raising funds through a crowdfunding appeal in order to start a new Thanet Youth Theatre. A few years ago there was a project at the Theatre Royal Margate, which was forced to close after COVID when so many young people were struggling to continue through that difficult time.

CommunityAd Exclusive - A bright new Thanet Youth TheatreThanks to the generosity of 117 people making donations, and with support from Kent County Council, NHS Kent & Medway and The Smew Fund, the money was raised to start a new Thanet Youth Theatre. We are offering Weekly Wonder Workshops for ages 7-11 and 11-18, which take place on Tuesdays after school, at the Tom Thumb Theatre. We will be moving to the ARK Cultural Space from June onwards, in central Cliftonville.

Being confident enough to enter a new group, speak and join in is difficult, and especially when you’re young. The Thanet Youth Theatre works in detail with each young person, finds out what they need and builds a creative, fun, inventive programme of exercises, games and performance to enable them to blossom. We give particular care to neurodivergent young people and we understand their diversity. Our sessions are led by punk poetess and musician Brigitte Aphrodite, who brings an imaginative and totally positive vibe to the sessions!

“I’m thrilled to join Looping the Loop’s new youth theatre and to share my passion for creative expression with the young people of Thanet,” says Brigitte Aphrodite. “This project is a fantastic opportunity to empower young minds through performance and to create a sense of belonging and self-worth. I believe art, theatre and creating is for everyone. Every child and young person deserves to experience the transformative power of creativity. I can’t wait to start working with them.”

There’s also a great offer until Christmas – the cost for attending is £1 per student! This is thanks to the amazing support of the kind people who donated to make this project happen.


If it sounds like the Thanet Youth Theatre could be just what you need, please get in touch with Looping the Loop by email [email protected] or by going to the website www.loopingtheloop.org and searching for Youth Theatre. We’re really enjoying this new adventure in performance with young people in Thanet.

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