A Blink In Time by Herne Bay’s Dan Lake

Time really has passed in the blink of an eye – before we even realised, it has been 2 years since we last interviewed Dan Lake and Lulu Gee in Herne Bay!


In 2021, we had the fantastic opportunity to speak to Dan and his wife Lulu about their successful AND worldwide book sales, their love of poetry and living in Herne Bay. This year marks 10 years since Dan’s wife, Lulu, won the Vera Rich Prize so we found it very fitting that local poet Dan Lake recently got in touch with CommunityAd where he offered a small token regarding time and season with his new poem ‘A Blink in Time’.


Insentient yet variegated crimsons wash the skies

with azure streaks of motley hues of light,

reflecting shades on burnished copper coated carmine leaves

bestrewn along the passageways tonight.


Cold countenance of glistening eyes peer hungry, ever bright,

appearing through that empyrean pane,

intent to see beyond the pale, examining my soul;

contented in this byzantine domain.


All emotions, resolute or devious by half,

imparting with this garish exposé,

revealed within this chink in time from blink to frosty blink,

unveiled, my own diaphanous display…

by Dan Lake


There is so much we love about this poem, the beautiful and thought-provoking words chosen, the way the poem is shaped on the page, the depth of feeling… we hope you enjoyed Dan’s poem as much as we have!


As we previously discussed with Dan, it’s believed that poetry in the UK is in decline, especially rhyme, in comparison to other areas of the world such as the USA and Australia so it has given us great pleasure to learn that Dan is still flying the flag for us Brits, writing, rhyming and sharing his passion with everyone. If you’re an aspiring poet looking to becoming international here are some words of advice from Dan himself: “Join international poetry groups and persevere, listen to advice and use the best of it!”


CommunityAd thanks Dan for sharing another beautiful poem with us. Read our previous interview with poetry partnership Dan Lake and Lulu Gee here.

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