Exciting New Job Opportunities being created in Thanet!

Community Ad speaks to director of Artemis Recruitment Sam Bambridge who has opened the doors for individuals looking to progress in their career in the South East and is looking for aspiring and passionate people to join her friendly team.

Artemis Recruitment Consultants is based in Margate and has over 20 years of national and international recruitment experience, having worked across a diverse range of industry sectors including, Information Technology, Finance, Insurance, Legal, Construction, Manufacturing and Executive Positions.

Sam gives us a rundown of the exciting opportunities available with Artemis and what it’s like to be a recruitment consultant and your own boss!

Artemis gives you the opportunity to work flexible hours, so no more rigid 9 to 5.There are multiple positions available as I am looking for self-employed recruiters to join the Artemis team. Being able to work from home and not having to stick to the general 9-5 means the job will be a lot more accessible for individuals in the local area who want to make money but have to balance their work around other daily commitments; people need to be given the chance to work and earn a living as well as take care of their kids and Artemis gives people exactly what they are looking for to have a balanced personal and business life.

You will either be

  • An existing recruiter that wants more flexibility, self-management and a bigger cut of your placement fees.
  • A parent with young kids that wants to work but needs the flexibility to work from home
  • Someone that is excellent with sales and people and wants to work P/T hours.

For the past few years I have been perfecting and providing my staff with a business and staffing model for them to work from and it has proven a great success.

With the opportunity Artemis is offering, you’ll benefit from working under the Artemis brand gaining access to modern airy seafront offices to interview from.

Artemis also supply a great database of clients and candidates, job boards, CV search access, phone and desk and online logins to work from home with marketing, advertising and all the business taken care of.

This is a great opportunity to grow your own desk. You’ll need to have excellent organisation and time management skills, be self-motivated and professional and most of all have the drive to succeed in business.

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you please contact me on 01843 294444 or email your CV to [email protected]

Sam Bambridge

For more information go to www.artemisrecruitment.co.uk



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