Enforcement action near Tunbridge Wells to deter metal theft

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A vehicle has been seized and a driver fined £300 during the latest enforcement action to deter metal theft near Tunbridge Wells to tackle drivers flouting scrap metal legislation.

On Tuesday 3 April 2018 Kent Police investigating metal theft was supported by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council enforcement officers, to make checks on a number of vehicles believed to be carrying waste for recycling.

Activity was focused around the vicinity of Old Hay, in Paddock Wood, where the driver of a flatbed Ford Transit was stopped and found to have no licence for carrying or transferring waste. He was issued with a fixed penalty notice for £300.

Another motorist, also driving a flatbed Transit, saw his vehicle seized after checks showed he had no insurance or driving licence.

Ongoing and robust enforcement

Joint action between police and council officers follows checks in the same area last month.

Inspector Richard Pringle said: ‘Legislation such as the introduction of the 2013 Scrap Metal Dealers Act has made it much harder for people to sell stolen metal in recent years and helped reduce the number of metal thefts in the county.

‘Enforcement action also continues to be a vital tool, in deterring metal crime. By ensuring the majority of drivers are adhering to the appropriate legislation, we can also identify unscrupulous traders whose activities may be linked to thefts of metal from businesses, churches and schools.’


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