Don’t be a victim, be sure at the door

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You may know someone, or even have been a victim yourself, of people turning up to your house out of the blue, trying to get you to sign up to something, or claiming you need work done to your property and insisting you hand over cash, even before it’s been carried out.

That’s why our Trading Standards team is urging Essex residents to ‘be sure at the door’ this autumn in order to reduce the number of incidents of people falling victim to doorstep scammers. If you are genuinely looking for work to be carried out, remember to:

• Choose a ‘Buy With Confidence’ accredited trader by visiting
• Get several written quotes detailing exactly what work will be carried out, how much it will cost and what the terms of payment are
• Take your time to make sure you’re happy with what you’re undertaking
• Ask a trusted friend/relative for advice
• Ask to see the person’s identity if they approach your property

It’s also important to remember that a genuine trader will not:

• Call without an appointment
• Ask or offer to take you to the bank to withdraw cash or make a money transfer
• Ask you to pay in full before the work is complete
• Insist that you decide about the work they’re offering to do on the spot
• Bully or scare you into doing the work

For general help and advice or to report a problem with a trader that is not immediate telephone the Citizens Advice Consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06. If you are concerned about a trader who is already at your house call 999 immediately.



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