Contraband – rocking for forty years

For regulars of the wonderful White Lion pub, the name Contraband will spark fond musical memories, for they are a band who have been smuggling roaring rock anthems into the Tenterden boozer for a large chunk of the band’s long history.

CommunityAd were lucky enough to sit down with Kerry to talk all things Contraband!

So, Kerry, how would you describe the band’s musical style to our readers?

We all love our rock music from all decades and we try so hard to get a powerful set of songs into our shows and perform crowd favourite singalongs as well. We all work hard recreating the sounds from the songs we play, so we can perform the songs live.

Contraband have been playing together for decades, how has the band developed over that period?

The band was formed over 40 years ago and still has two original members! We found an old Contraband Mix Tape from 1987 recently! There have been many changes over the years and Contraband has an extensive family but the current line-up has been together for over four years. We continue to strive for a great live sound and always have fantastic sound engineers with us to manage that.

The name Contraband is brilliant, can you explain the origin?

It’s so old now we’re not entirely sure where it came from. It’s really hard to choose a band name – we think probably someone just said it one day and it stuck!

Favourite gig of all time that you’ve played?

We did a private festival gig this year nearby at Rolvenden which was a fantastic night. Great venue and staging with a brilliant crowd who sang and danced all night with us. Our promo video has the visuals from that gig on there.

…. And attended?

Too many to mention but the whole band went together to see Chic at the O2 a few years ago which was great.

If the band were confined to a desert island with the choice of only three singles would you be able to agree on them, firstly? If so, what would they be?

We think we would still be discussing this all of the way to the island and still not agree whilst we were stuck there!

If Contraband could collab with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

It would be great to collab with Pink as we are all big fans of her music and her incredible live shows she puts on.

You perform at The White Lion three times a year, what do you look forward to about your travels to Tenterden?

Tenterden is great! We always meet lovely people who enjoy a good night with great music. It’s a very friendly place to be and we really like nights out in Tenterden which seem to suit all ages.

We will be back at The White Lion this year in April, September and December but you can find our full gig list so far at:



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