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Life at CommunityAd – What a fantastic week we’ve had!

fantastic week

The sun is shining, the roads are busy, and the team are all buzzing at CommunityAd, buzzing for so many reasons! Don’t get us wrong, this week has been sweaty and there have been plenty of flies ‘buzzing’ about but despite this there are so many positives this week that we want to share with you our wonderful readers.

CommunityAd are ecstatic that life seems to be returning to some sort of normality now, more businesses have opened up, we finally get to go out and see friends and family and we have welcomed so many of our lovely colleagues back into our office at Cecil Square! Finally! The CommunityAd family are back together, and with good reason too! The Euros are LITERALLY right round the corner and words cannot explain the excitement that filled the room when we all got involved with this year’s sweepstake, courtesy of Gary from the Sales department. £2 a draw wasn’t going to break the bank but oh my if you get a competitive sales floor involved in a sweepstake you’ve got to be ready! The jumps of joy when Jess drew France in comparison to the laughter and disappointed groan from Kat when she drew North Macedonia! The excitement did not stop there, the sales team then continued to sing the infamous FOOTBALL’S COMING HOME at the top of their lungs- the high spirits definitely continued and if you received a call from our fantastic sales team this week, I’m sure you will have noticed! We’d like to thank the Euro’s for getting everyone in such high spirits which helped us sell a good few classified ads into our magazines which we have only recently introduced to allow more smaller businesses the opportunity to advertise through our well-trusted platform.

To top this week off in sales, James has managed to hit the sales weekly record!! The most amount of sales done in one week! A big round of applause to James, well done for winning the sales trophy you champ!

Our talented editorial team have had a great week writing stories for the upcoming issue of our Sandwich and Faversham CommunityAd magazines. Expect these magazines to come through your door in July!

A good week always involves hearing from our readers and we are pleased to say that the editorial team’s hard work has been noticed by many, especially on social media with users sharing posts and giving plenty of positive feedback. If you don’t currently follow us, we are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram- give us a follow!

Of course, we cannot summarise this week without mentioning our brilliant graphic designers and publishing team who have been productive getting Herne Bay, Bearsted, Dover, AND Hartley Wintney to print this week! Look for your copy which will be delivered through your door shortly. If you’re in the Herne Bay area, our Georgia recommends reading ‘Hot Weather from a Dog’s Perspective’ – with the scorching heat we must remind everyone to be mindful of when is best to walk your dog, and this piece definitely does just that whilst pulling at your heart strings!

Talking about the hot weather again, because us brits love talking about the weather, ice lollies and Mini Milks brought in by our very own Mandi which were greatly appreciated and helped us all to cool down in the sweltering heat. What have you all been doing to ward off the bugs and hot weather? fantastic week

As well as the heat, we’ve also been bombarded with various noises this week, ranging from alarms to cranky-sounding seagulls. The perks of being at the heart of Cecil Square.

But these noises are only a reminder of everything springing back to life and businesses coming back into action. As more and more businesses reopen, this means more events for the public, rest assured our marketing team are on the prowl, utilising the What’s On section to let people know of any upcoming events.

We can’t wait for local businesses to read our upcoming magazines; don’t forget you can view these on our website. In case you didn’t know, our website hosts a business directory and we are thrilled to say that our directory offers everyone a free business listing!

At CommunityAd, this is what we do best: helping you thrive. With many individuals receiving the vaccine here in the office and everywhere else nationwide, the future seems bright. So, we’re looking forward to welcoming you back with open arms.

This is all for this week, until next time, have a lovely weekend!

fantastic week

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