Come and Join Whitstable Yacht Club!

Why join Whitstable Yacht Club?

If you are interested in joining us to sail at one of the biggest and best sailing clubs in England then look no further. Situated less than 90 minutes from London, on the north coast of Kent at the mouth of the Swale Estuary, WYC offers sailing in sheltered waters at all times of the tide for catamarans, dinghies, and windsurfers. Yachts are moored in a nearby drying-out marina.

Whitstable Yacht Club members have:

  • A bar open all year round, at lunch time and evening on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday. Have a cheap pint with the best views in Whitstable!
  • Bunk rooms available for very cheap overnight accommodation for WYC members and their friends and family
  • Sailing and from mid-March to mid-December, with racing every weekend on the best waters in Kent!
  • Family friendly cadet sailing sessions, and discount of up to 25% for members on lessons at the Whitstable Watersports Centre
  • Changing facilities and showers open every day from 8am until bar closing.
  • Storage facilities for boats, kayaks, windsurf boards and other watersports equipment

The Club organises racing every weekend from March to December as well as evening racing during the summer, and is a popular championship venue. We also have a Sailing Development programme for beginners and those who want to improve, and a thriving Cadet fleet for families and children.


Seven reasons to sail at Whitstable Yacht Club


  1. Flat out sailing 

Superb sailing

It is not by chance that Whitstable was one of the earliest places where sailing developed as a sport, nor that it has bred a number of Olympic competitors. Situated at the mouth of the Swale estuary, the sailing waters are only directly exposed to severe winds from the North East. Shallow sandy flats for miles all round and the Street (a one mile long bar stretching out to sea on the East) keep the waves down . These also reduce tidal flow across the bay. This geography makes Whitstable uniquely well placed for long distance events and cruising in cats or dinghies


2. Cats lined up for racing

Strong fleets

With 650 members, we organise something for every sailor. There is an active cadet section that sails Toppers. Lasers offer keen competition for single-handers. The Tasar is our dominant one-design dinghy and we have the largest fleet in the country. Our main development class is the Merlin Rocket. If the wind is too strong for racing, then out come the boards for a blast across the waves. For yachts, there are moorings off the club or sheltered facilities up the Swale. Wanderers are the most popular boat for our cruising members. For all the details of classes sailed at  WYC click here


3. The team behind the sailing school

Sailing school

WYC is a rarity. It is a club with its own integrated sailing school. Thinking of sailing, windsurfing, paddleboarding or another Watersport, but not yet committed? Come along for a taster session. Find out if sailing is for you, which boat is for you, if this is the place for you and if we are the people for you. Take your chance to try anything from beginners boards to advanced asymmetrics. You will be surprised how quickly you can feel at home here.


4.Where we are

Sixty minutes from London

WYC is easily accessible for those living throughout London and the South-East. Whitstable is just 60 minutes drive from the fringes of London, and only 45 minutes from the M25 and Dartford Tunnel so it . In addition Victoria or Cannon Street train stations are less than 90 minutes, including the 10 minutes walk from the club to the railway station. For visitors from abroad, Whitstable  is around 45 minutes drive from the ferry at Dover or the Channel tunnel exit.


5.Something for everyone

Socialise throughout the year

We party at least every month! Starting with New Year, then on to Championships, Forts Race, Whitstable Week or other excuses throughout the sailing season, before wrapping it up with a succession of Laying-Up Suppers for different tastes and ending with the traditional Christmas celebrations. We pride ourselves in being one of the few sailing clubs whose bar is open during drinking hours throughout the week.


6.Relax after a sail

Somewhere to escape

You can use Whitstable as your base if you simply want to get away from it all. Just potter along the shore if you wish, drop in at nearby clubs and pubs, cruise up the Swale, round Sheppey. It is all doable in a day and whenever you come back, you know you can get ashore at any stage of the tide. Afterwards you can relax in the club, admiring the sunset that Turner made famous.


7.Local services

Support services nearby

To meet your sailing needs there are specialist services within walking distance, including the Dinghy Store next door, rigging service and sailmaking. For the non-sailor a wide range of antique, clothes and gift shops are just a stroll down the High Street. Gourmets take note; As befits the home of oysters, there are three specialist seafood restaurants in town. Should anything go wrong, the RNLI is literally next door and the Health Centre is only 300 yards away. As for accommodation, you can stay at the club itself, or pick from the local accommodation.

Food & drink

The club serves a wide range of food whenever sailing is scheduled

Members can book the club for a private party, or the Committee Room for a meeting. The club is very flexible, hosting small gatherings and meetings up to large weddings and birthday parties! Contact the club for details.

We have a full time bar, which offers an extensive range of drinks and snacks. Please come along and sample our Guest Ales!

Day Lunchtime Evening
Monday 12.00-14.30 17.30-23.00
Tuesday 12.00-14.30 17.30-21.00
Wednesday 12.00-14.30 17.30-23.00
Thursday 12.00-14.30 17.30-21.00
Friday 12.00-14.30 17.30-23.00
Saturday 11.00-23.00 (Unless any events, parties, bands, etc are planned)
Sunday 12.00-21.00


Interested in becoming a member?

If you would like to join WYC, feel free to visit the club and ask for one of the Flag Officers who will be happy to introduce you to someone with similar interests. Ready to join? Get your application form for membership here.

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