Chelmsford City Council working to reduce litter pollution

Chelmsford City Council is continuing to raise awareness of litter in Chelmsford. The City Council is highlighting the issue of litter pollution on a local, national and global scale, and encouraging residents to take their litter home and recycle if they can or dispose of it correctly.

As part of the Council’s fight against litter, the Street Care Team work seven days a week across Chelmsford to keep it tidy. The team collects waste from more than 740 litter and dog bins in Chelmsford, some are collected once per week and others can be 10 per day, in total they are emptied approximately 300,000 times per year.

The Council have recently rebranded and relaunched a community initiative that works to improve the quality of the environment in the Chelmsford area. The Neighbourhood Improvement and Community Engagement (NICE) programme has become Love Your Chelmsford.

The programme will continue to encourage residents, community groups and organisations to get involved in improving the environment in and around Chelmsford as well as run several events to help combat litter in the city and work together with the community to help keep the city and its rivers clean and free from pollutants. These include Litter Pick and River Clean Up events.

There will be a Spring River Litter Clean Up event as part of the Keep Britain Tidy’s national campaign the Great British Spring Clean on Saturday 3 March from 9am to 1pm, starting from the Baddow Road Car Park, Baddow Road, Chelmsford. More information about this event can be found on the Love Your Chelmsford Facebook Page.

To find out more about Love Your Chelmsford visit the Love Your Chelmsford Facebook page at


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