Can you give Bruno a home?

Christmas is coming, which would mark an entire year in kennels for the bouncing Bruno – We want to change that!

Bruno was abandoned in December 2015 and taken to a London pound.  As you may or may not be aware, strays in pounds are euthanized after seven days unless rescue spaces are found.

Luckily Angels 4 Dogs stepped in and brought him to the safety of Kennels in Wingham…Where unfortunately he has stayed ever since.

Bruno deserves more than a kennel, he needs a HOME.

Bruno is a 4-5 year old Staffie cross of medium size.  A fabulous, playful boy, who is great with other dogs. Like any bouncing boy he loves his toys and certainly isn’t fussy about his company as he enjoys play time with humans and dogs alike! Initially strong on the lead, he would benefit greatly from some lead training. A cat-free home is advised as he likes to chase them! We think he’d fit in best with a family aged 10 plus.

Spending another Christmas in kennels is just heart-breaking for him, so it’s time to find his forever family.


A dog is so much more than a companion, in times of need they are your best friend, their loyalty is incomparable and loving devotion unmatched. All Bruno wants is a family and a home, if you can give him that then your life will be enriched. Please give this beautiful dog the chance, Bruno hasn’t had the best of starts but you have the chance to turn his life around by taking him in and giving him the loving companionship that he so desperately needs.








For more information please contact Yasmine or Michelle by phone

Yasmine- 07808 868689
Michelle- 07531067787

EMAIL- [email protected]

you can also follow Bruno’s Kennel Diaries through Facebook











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