The Beacon – Artist & Author Events 2020

The Beacon complex in Park Farm Road, Folkestone, has kindly made their venue available to bring together Artists and Authors from the locality to promote and sell their creations on a quarter yearly basis. The aim of this exciting new venture is to highlight the amazing amount of creative talent in the area and expose the Folkestone Arts scene to a wider audience. It is also intended to include wellbeing practitioners at the planned events, given the increase interest in self-help therapies which complement the Arts.

The location of The Beacon, size and accessibility is ideal to attract visitors from Kent and further afield with excellent facilities, including ample car parking (50 + Vehicles), to enhance visitor experience.

The Artists & Authors have easy access to install their exhibits and table set-ups and will be able to do this on the day / evening prior to the planned event dates. The venue plan shows the layout of the hall accommodating the Artists, Authors and wellbeing practitioners (see Annex A). Each participant will be provided with ample space to promote their works or wellbeing ideas and with regard to the Artists and Authors, sell their creations at the events.

It is also believed some form of live entertainment at the events would serve as a further attraction to potential visitors.

Working together for success:  These events can only be successful for all parties if they are well attended. Therefore, every participant and organizer involved in the events, will be requested to ‘pass-the-word’ to encourage and support the planned Artists & Authors Fairs on any social media site they have access to.  Although there will be advertising pumps prior to the events, the more people who recruit visitors, the more successful the events are likely to be. Accordingly, those amazing organizers from the invited Artist societies and Author groups, please try and get this message out-there.

Costs: The idea is to make these events as affordable as is possible. The space allocated to every Artist has been secured at just £35 / Day. For the Authors, having been allocated plenty of individual space, but not requiring quite as much as Art Exhibitors, this has been costed at just £20 / Day.  These costs, to be paid when registering, are required to pay for the venue hire and ongoing promotion for future events.

Sales of Works: All creation sold whether books or artworks will be handled by the individual Author or Artist, with NO COMMISSION required by the event organizers. Therefore, the total cost for an Artist to promote and sell their works is £35 per day and Authors £20 per day.

Parking: Parking will be free, however a donation bucket at The Beacon entrance will be made available. All money received from such donations will be for The Beacon – School for Children with Disabilities.

REGISTRATION: In order to ensure the events (dates below) are filled with Art exhibitors and Authors, a registration that will include securing space allocation, will commence immediately. All those Authors and Artists wishing to be part of these planned exciting, innovative events, please contact Jeff Andrews by email: [email protected]

The Beacon – Artist & Author Events 2020

 EVENT 1.   

Artists & Authors Spring Fair @ The Beacon – Folkestone.                                                                                                 

Set-Up Friday 3rd April 2020 – from 2pm – 6pm

Event Date Saturday 4th April 2020 – 10am to 8pm

Take-Down 5th April 2020 – from 9am to 11am

EVENT 2.   

Artists & Authors Summer Fair @ The Beacon – Folkestone.                                                                                                 

Set-Up Friday 14th August 2020 – from 9am – 1pm

Event Date Friday 14th August 2020 – 2pm – 9pm &

Saturday 15th August 2020 – 10am to 8pm

Take-Down 16th August 2020 – from 9am to 11am

EVENT 3:    Artists & Authors Christmas Fair 2020 TBA



For Artists wishing to Exhibit, Promote & Sell their Artworks and Authors wishing to Promote & Sell their Books @ The Beacon Artist & Authors Events; please contact either your group organizer or Jeff Andrews.


Jeff’s contact details for these events is:

E-mail: [email protected]

Mobile: ++44 (0)7853 717575

 On receipt of requests by individual Artists & Authors wishing to register for the Artist & Author events @ The Beacon, Jeff will forward the registration document required by The Beacon and provide details of space allocation, setting up and payment details.


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